Monday, September 15, 2008

End of Day One

This is "The Annotated Fuld" at the end of a day of annotations. It's a bit difficult to differentiate between the green (for LEH employees) annotations and the general public's black, but if you double click and look closely you will be fine.

Two annotations of note can be seen here:

On the left it says "This Sucks. I'm going Kiteboarding." In the interest of honest reporting, this may be two separate annotations. Regardless, the sentiment holds.

On the right it reads "You are a coward."

Wow. I said to the guy "Thanks for participating" and he stared at me and said "Thanks for the painting."

So I'm thinking, within this tiny set of parameters, that life is good. That, plus somebody threatened to beat me up earlier in the day. I think he was drunk, and I think I could have taken him, and we were surrounded by cops so the whole thing was probably moot, but the urge was to call the guy back and explain to him why, when all is said and done, one hundred or so of his compadres will have annotated this thing, for good or for bad, and between 20 and 30% will have thanked me for the opportunity.

I'm a firm believer in the healing power of art.

Tomorrow I will be back in front of Lehman Brothers from roughly noon to roughly 3. If the fit seizes me, I'll pack up and drift down to Wall Street. Otherwise, I'll devote Wednesday to the Wall Street area.


Lost said...

Derivatives of patronage now eh?

Ryan Ballantyne said...

GATVOL! - South African for pissed off!!! :)

Jason said...

People have a lot to say to him..

Mary Childs said...

Great painting, but even better marketing; impressive on both counts.

Anonymous said...

Whats the current bid?

Anonymous said...

Dude, this is so totally cool. Please post a high resolution image that does not crop out any comments. I am on the West Coast and can't get there to take my own images. Immense thanks and keep up the incredible work.

Anonymous said...

I wrote NOS JODISTE ("you ruined us" in spanish)

Rude said...

Like most CEOs, Fuld is what Vonnegut would describe as a personable psychopath.

Fuld of Shit!

Jorge said...

Hey. I just saw a photo some photographer from Reuters took of this painting on a brazilian magazine, and i saw your blog address annotated. :D
Real nice job you're doing, congratulations.