Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Annotated Fuld

"The Annotated Fuld" is a portrait of Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld.

I will be exhibiting it outside Lehman Brothers headquarters, as well as at selected locations in the Wall Street area, throughout the week. This is a temporary blog designed to facilitate the sale of the painting.

This will be my eighth annotated painting, following Rupert Murdoch, Eliot Spitzer, Jimmy Cayne, Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama, John McCain and Anna Wintour (of all people). The idea behind the series is to paint the subject during a particularly interesting or controversial moment in time and then offer passersby a chance to comment on the surface of the canvas.

I usually inscribe the first annotation. In this case I went with "I am Spartacus." I'm thinking the over/under on how many variations of No, I am Spartacus is fifteen.

"The Annotated Fuld" is also for sale.

I used to sell my paintings on eBay, but that proved unsatisfactory. If you would like to make a bid, send me an email. My address is

My paintings range typically sell for as low as $3,500 to as high as $15,000. You never know, so I would urge you to make any bid you like. Not only will I not be offended--hell, I'll keep you posted as to the status of your bid throughout the week. 


mark said...

Will you accept Lehman shares for the painting?

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued to know how you knew to set up this blog and post this on Sunday - BEFORE Lehmans filed for bankruptcy........

Greg said...

Nice work. Unfortunately for the markets, but fortunately for you, it looks like you will continue to have a steady work. It is very sad for the employees that gave so of themselves to the company.

For more on the Lehman downfall: